This Guy Squatted 700 lbs. at 181 lbs. Bodyweight w/ EliteFTS Athlete Christian Anto – Episode 231

Episode 231 | Barbell Shrugged

Little did we know a top 10 in the world powerlifter was right here living and training in our hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

This week on Barbell Shrugged, learn how Christian Anto went from soccer player to one of world’s strongest powerlifters in the 181-lb. weight class and EliteFTS athlete.

This dude squatted 700 lbs. in just knee wraps and a belt at 181 lbs. That’s nearly 4 times his body weight (3.87 to be more exact) . Marinate on that a little bit.

@ant_toe squatting 700lbs at 181. @nbs_fitness

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We’ll also discuss training principles he incorporates, where and who he’s learned from, what his training looks like away from competition vs. close to competition and how mentally and physically prepares for rigors of powerlifting competitions where he routinely lifts above 600+ lbs in the deadlift and squat and nearly 400 lbs. in the bench.

Christian is also an accomplished accordionist. Just kidding.

No but he’s really good at teaching the proper technique to lift the heaviest weights you can. After the episode, go check out the bench press session we had with Christian where he showed us how to set up to bench really heavy weight.

Bench Set Up | Barbell Shrugged

We learned so much from Christian and it was a real pleasure having him on the show to talk training. Whether you’re a powerlifting enthusiast, a beginner looking to get into the sport, or just interested in training to get strong and lift the absolute heaviest weights you can, you’ll want to listen to Christian on Episode 231.


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4 Responses to “This Guy Squatted 700 lbs. at 181 lbs. Bodyweight w/ EliteFTS Athlete Christian Anto – Episode 231”

  1. Michael Pietrzak

    Funny to hear powerlifters using techniques to lose water that bodybuilders have been using for decades.

  2. Yiota Kioulos

    Hi BBS, Can you please continue to post an Audio Only player along the YouTube video like you did today – I get the opportunity to listen to these while at work but I work for a rather large organization so the network is SLOW – the videos often times lag / don’t work. Thanks!


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