How to Setup the Bench Press to Lift The Most Weight w/ EliteFTS Athlete Christian Anto

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If you want to lift maximal weight on the bench press, you’re going to need to learn how to properly set up on the bench.

The goal of the bench press setup is to get into a position on the bench so you can put maximal force INTO the bench. Yes that’s right INTO the bench. Force directed into the bench is what is transferred to the bar. It’s simple physics folks.

A good set up will allow you to effectively use your ENTIRE BODY to produce force. Just like the squat, the bench press is FULL BODY movement. If you want to lift the most weight in the bench, you’re going to need to learn how to use your entire body.

In this video, top 10 ranked powerlifter in the 181 class and Elite FTS athlete, Christian Anto (@ant_toe) and his training partner Ryan Klepko teach us how the points of performance and to use a full body bench press technique to lift the most weight.

Take some notes and try to apply what Christian shows us the next time you go to bench. If you haven’t been benching like this, this should be a huge wake-up call.

Also if you’re interested in watching more training footage from our session with Christian, here’s the longer version. Think of this longer video as something to throw on at the end of the night or while your eating lunch… like you would do a Netflix show.

And be sure to check out Episode 231 where we discuss competing and training in powerlifting with Christian.


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4 Responses to “How to Setup the Bench Press to Lift The Most Weight w/ EliteFTS Athlete Christian Anto”

  1. Linden

    This breakdown of the bench press set-up has significantly helped me stay stable at the bottom of my bench, and allow me to set new PR’s in the last few weeks. Thanks guys for always having the best on your show! Looking forward to tomorrow’s podcast with Max Shank!


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