How to win a bar fight

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Bar fights couldn’t be more common. 

One minute you’re enjoying conversation over a pint or two, or three, of perfectly poured Scottish Ale. The moment is all smiles, revelry and friendly shit-talking, right up until you crack the wrong joke at the wrong time.

In that very next moment, you could have a mouth-breathing meathead in a backwards Seahawks hat and popped-polo shirt combo huffing and puffing two inches from your face. What’s the first thing you do?

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten would tell you to quickly assess the threat. If it’s just talk, then by all means, avoid physical confrontation. This is always the last resort. But as Bas says, if there’s a real risk, you have to “cancel the other guy out.”

Here’s how…

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Bas’ steps for winning a bar fight

  1. Take a small step back to create distance.
  2. Quickly and forcefully “pop” the threat in the nose with your forehead…Don’t be shy.
  3. If the other guy has the same idea, block the incoming headbutt by lowering your face and exposing the top of your head. You won’t have to do that twice.
  4. If you get a finger in the chest, grab it and break it!
  5. Now that you’re in control, quickly remove the threat with rapid strikes to the face. One or two should be plenty, but kick if you must. Some threats are bigger and more stubborn than others.
  6. Drama is your next best offense. As Bas tell’s his daughters, be crazy! Go wild, make noise. Once you’re known as “the crazy bitch” you will never have to fight again. That’s the best outcome.

You never want to fight anyone. In fact, avoid it at all costs. But that said, it’s nice to be prepared for anything.

Thanks, Bas.


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14 Responses to “How to win a bar fight”

  1. Neil

    This is awesome and makes me want to pick a fight just to try out some of these new moves. Now I just need to find some cronies in case things don’t go as planned.

    • Chris

      it usually doesn’t go as planned. :) Like we say, avoid at all costs, but keep these tips handy.

    • Chris

      Bas Rutten is pretty serious. He was a bouncer for years. A world class fighter. I’d take that advice…

    • Chris

      Yep, I think we point out that it’s a last resort situation. Also, the tone of this video is obviously a bit more light-hearted that that. We don’t advise you fight, but you might as well know what to do.

  2. Harry

    Or, you could just drink at home. I always tell my kids, “Nothing good ever happens in a bar.”

  3. Rich

    I’d rather be prepared for anything… Good to know what Bas would do. So many things dictate best best coarse of action. Best part of this was the “Backwards Seahawks cap (pissed cause they lost) and popped collar combo” reference. Well done, Chris!

  4. jack gott

    how drunk do U have to be to get into Bas Rutten’s face?
    my trainer (who squats 1,000+) is a doorman at a club on weekends. When I asked him how he handles fighters, he just looked at me and said…”ah…yeah…ah….people don’t hit me”.
    and yeah…trust me….it’s true


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