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How do you identify and pursue your passion? More importantly, how can you turn it into your new career?

The big problem that most people face early on is the pressure to make money. This artificially drives their motive. The result is that they grasp at the surest or highest paying options first thing, then spend the rest of their lives trying to mold their lives into shape.

This is false.

You actually can pursue a career that is both lucrative AND something you really love to do. Of course, finding out exactly what your passion is, that’s always the catch.

We can start by ruling out some options. First things first, just being really good at something doesn’t make it a passion. To Mike’s point, just because Tiger Woods is fantastic at his life’s work of smacking his little balls around doesn’t mean he enjoys doing it. Never set shallow goals for the sake of rapid gratification or payoff. That will not make you happy, I don’t care how much money you make doing it.

This isn’t a path towards a satisfying career. It’s more like a payoff that comes in exchange for your life’s ambition and your freedom.

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You also need to rule out a possibility of a lottery win. That’s how most people treat their dreams, right? They imagine what they’d love doing, then they keep doing what they’re doing in the hopes that, one day, fortune will strike and an opportunity will pass by.

Does that sound familiar? It’s the same mistake that just about everyone makes early on in the journey (Some will die with the habit, sad to say.) You cannot spend your time wishing. What you need is action! In time you start to understand that your passion, your opportunities, it all builds cumulatively day to day, step by step. These things are never discovered out of the blue, the will not fall into your lap.

You have to stop waiting and wishing. Don’t start with the end result in mind. Instead, begin with where you are right now. Learn to identify need. Then, start to consider how you are uniquely qualified to meet those needs and help others. The more you learn to give of yourself the more successful and creative you will become.

That’s the only secret you need in life. Your passion doesn’t start with some random career choice or lucky break. No, it starts with other people.

Spend more time with people that inspire you. Listen more often. Forget about what you want or need right now, and instead focus 100% on how you could help somebody. Keep it fun.

You don’t have to save the world. You don’t need to come up with your great get rich plan right now, that never works. Just begin with something small, something you enjoy, something that you know is needed.

That simple action, coupled with the good deed after-glow, will open up a new level of awareness. New possibilities will become obvious to you. You won’t have to wonder about your passions any longer.

That’s where the discovery starts. Just begin.

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  1. Nick Peterson

    “You cannot spend your time wishing. What you need is action!”
    Love it. That fact is sometimes so easy to forget or ignore.


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