The Business of Failure

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This week on Barbell Business, we talk about what it means to be in the business of failing.

This is different than going straight for the win, making your mistakes and learning vital lessons. Although unexpected failure can be a powerful catalyst of success, it’s not everything. In fact, in this week’s business model, the whole game is to tip the playing field against yourself in the beginning.

Sport is a great way to illustrate the intention.

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Imagine that you are an aspiring, right-footed soccer player. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Like any great athlete that has come before, you stack endless hours of grueling, progressive and intentional practice, crafting your game, honing your shot, all that. And yes, your chances of winning will certainly skyrocket, that much is clear. But understand, you won’t be guaranteed much of anything.

The reality is that new players will join the game all the time. They might be more talented than you, or maybe ambidextrous. It sucks, but it’s true. All that talent will enable novel formations, plays, and of course, amazing new opportunities for those who are ready. Your ability to adapt is far more valuable than any skill or trick shot you’ve mastered from within your comfort zone/wheelhouse.

In this case, you could double the chances of staying in the game just by learning to play with the other  foot.

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Mastering your left over the course of a season is tough. You’d have to work twice as hard to make half the progress, but the ultimate rewards are more than worth it. By flipping and remastering the fundamentals – by seeing the game you play from a brand new side – you will develop a much deeper understanding of what’s happening on the field. More importantly, you will find it much easier to directly affect the outcome in your favor.

Brian Mackenzie is all about embracing the business of failing. First and foremost, he’s an athlete and coach. You probably know him best as the founder of Crossfit Endurance. But that hasn’t stopped Brian from jumping off the left foot, right into publishing and the business world. He has managed to write two awesome books – Unbreakable Runner and Power, Speed, Endurance. He also founded the supplement company 3FU3L, which has required Brian to step up his game, to say the very least.

This episode of Barbell Business is loaded with nuggets of wisdom that will make you more successful, regardless of whether or not you own your own gym or business. Listen, take notes, enjoy and share.

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Don’t be afraid to go left,


4 Responses to “The Business of Failure”

  1. Clint

    What was with the sound bite at 5:39 that muted brian’s story? And was it supposed to cut off without a conclusion to the discussion at the end? I listened to the last 3min on iTunes.

  2. Clint

    Other than those two things….great podcast! I’ve recently (6months) realized I fear failure to the point I don’t try new things or take risks. It’s a stressful and stifling way to live. I am working on forcing myself to do more new stuff to become more comfortable being uncomfortable.

    Good work guys!!!

  3. tomas

    Great episode thank you. I heard or read about this thinking so many times. But what I cant get in my gym is. That people want to train only with me. When I give the room for other trainers (using same system of training or their own etc.) people just not going. Did this happend to you also? If yea how you do about it? Thx for you time have a great day


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