Strength, transformation, and building a body for life with Bill Phillips – EP 187


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This is where it all began, on a manic 2-mile strip of beach on the far western shore of Los Angeles.

Nearly a century ago, long before the counterculture boom and backwash of souvenir shops, Venice acrobats and strongmen helped create a cultural revolution that’s still sweeping the globe. Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Crossfit, it doesn’t matter – Trace any branch of modern fitness and it will lead you right back here, to Muscle Beach.

This week on Barbell Shrugged, we take you back to the very beginning to talk strength and body transformation with fitness industry legend, Bill Phillips. Get ready to make your change.

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18 Responses to “Strength, transformation, and building a body for life with Bill Phillips – EP 187”

  1. Tom

    I remember watching the video of the first transformation challenge. You had to donate to make a wish to get it. The video was awesome. Bill Phillips was/is a true visionary. You guys aren’t that far behind, keep it up.

  2. Shaun

    Great Episode! Loved it so much truth and information given out.

  3. Mark Dawson

    Thank you for all that you all do! #187 with my friend Bill was right on target :)

  4. Kenny

    Hey Guys,

    Great episode as always, I always look forward to new technique word videos as well, and this is great because ever since the episode with Broz and the squat everyday program I have been curious how it works…So my question is, are you using RPE to determine what weight you use everyday or are you supposed to hit a certain number according to your percentages. Im assuming your free to switch up the rep and set ranges as you please, as long as your squatting everyday?

    Thanks guys!


    • Chris

      It’s not a true max daily. Just “heavy.” Someday’s you can go 100% 1RM, but I’d stick with RPE at first. The heavy practice is what you’re after, not necessary limit loading.

      • Kenny

        Makes Sense, awesome man, thanks the response. You guys are great, learned so much. Cheers bro!

  5. Stephen Caserta

    I would love to see an interview with the people over at renosance nutrition.

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    […] Last week, fitness legend Bill Phillips shared exactly what it takes to transform your body and life forever. Now, all you need to make your goals real is a spark/kick in the ass, and Cory is perfect guy to give it to you. It’s time to wake your ass up and lift, baby. […]

  7. Kh808

    Hey thanks for your pod cast. I started crossfit again 3 months ago after 7months off and 70# gained. Your cast has really kept me going but also encouraged me to work on strength and mobility. I even built a stand up desk after listening to the one with dr. Raj
    Started at 270 down to 240! Still a ways to go but getting there.


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