Spartan Race afterparty with Barbell Shrugged

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This week on Get Change we have a special show for you.

The Barbell Shrugged team just finished their first Spartan Race in Temecula, California. On this episode, Chris, Mike and Doug all share their race day experience, which you’re sure to enjoy. Plus, we are joined by professional Spartan Racer, Isaiah Vidal, who was kind enough to run with us today and coach us along. He’s an amazing athlete, but his story and the purpose behind the racing is even more incredible.


If you’ve ever thought about doing an obstacle course event, you really should.

Yes, it’s a very hard thing to do. There’s no point in denying it. Your muscles will start to feel like hamburger meat by mile 3. And of course you’ll be very relieved when it’s all over. However, I can now guarantee (based on personal experience),  you’ll be smiling when you finish.

Once you’ve taken on a challenge like this you will know what you’re really capable of. You’ll be a lot more willing to get uncomfortable more often, and do the difficult thing. I think you should prove it to yourself and do it. This is an experience that could change your life for the better. No shit.

We’re all far better off for having done it.

Tonight’s tunes

The band Torche are friends of the show. Their songs have been featured in almost everything we’ve made, because it’s that awesome.

Tonight we’re spinning “Loose men,” which is a single off the band’s upcoming album Restarter. Crank it up during your next training session and see for yourself. If you dig it, pre-order the album.

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Supporting awesome artists is a very cool thing to do.




For more

  •  Check out Isaiah Vidal on Instagram and Twitter to follow his Spartan journey.
  • Do you struggle with the snatch and clean & jerk? Here’s a free video that will help.

3 Responses to “Spartan Race afterparty with Barbell Shrugged”

  1. Jimmy

    Just wanted to say great job guys, also that you should do the super . The one I would recommend would be the one in las Vegas do to how close it is from socal . The one question I like to ask would be, what shoe did Chris used from New balance for I to am not a small guy? BUT no matter what welcome to the family my new spartan brothers and I hope to see in las Vegas. AROO! AROO! AROO!

    • Chris

      I ran in my New Balance Minimus shoes. Real grippy. No heel. But nothing flimsy. I didn’t run at all, but I think a ton of rope jumping helped get my feet ready.


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