Great job guys! Was really excited to see a topic which I am very passionate about. I know, for me, completing an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training and making the transition into the functional fitness community years later has proven to be one of my biggest tools as a coach. It gave me such a deep understand of human movement, and a solid understanding how to prevent, diagnosis, and treat injuries that so many of my clients have been able to continue to work through issues or setbacks when otherwise they would be sidelined by doctors guidelines. The reverse is also true, and even though I no longer practice AT actively, I firmly believe my training experience has made me a much better clinician than I ever had been prior.

You’ve also inspired me to write up my own story of how I had undergone my 3rd knee surgery in the Fall of 2013 and came back to qualify and compete individually at the 2014 Regionals. So many of the issues you addressed about being patient, working on weaknesses, improving mental toughness played a factor. What could have been complete devastation turned out to be a great learning experience!

I hope this episode inspires people to be proactive about not only approaching coaches and health professionals when an injury occurs, but also asking is there anything they need to be working on in the form of prevention.

Thanks for another great episode!