How to Fix Your Lower Back Pain: Episode 240

Episode 240 | Barbell Shrugged

We drop into MovementRX this week to talk all things mobility with Theresa Larson and Anders Varner.

We dive into lower back pain and how you can identify and fix the source of the pain in the body. Fact: 8 out of 10 humans (both athletes and couch potatoes alike) have some sort of lower back pain, and most of the time the pain is caused by some sort of imbalance or weakness somewhere else in the body.

Theresa and Anders bring to light some “oh shit” points on how our daily habits can be the cause of our pain. They also debunk some assumptions around mobility, and physical therapy.





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5 Responses to “How to Fix Your Lower Back Pain: Episode 240”

  1. Ashton

    I’ve been trying to fix an muscular imbalance in my spinal erector muscles for a few years! My left side erector is much bigger and stronger, and takes over in any heavy movement. Any specific movements I should be doing to correct that?

    • Mike Bledsoe

      Still too general to be able to prescribe. Best to see a specialist where they can put eyes on you. What appears to be the issue rarely is.


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