Sex Drive, Adrenal Fatigue & Under Eating w/ Jason Phillips – Episode 232

Episode 232 | Barbell Shrugged

What’s up Shrug Nation! I took a small hiatus the last 2 weeks and spent some time down in New Zealand jumping off cliffs and playing in Hobbit Holes. It was an amazing trip, but I’m super glad to be back as I am really excited to release this week’s episode to you!

This week we interview Jason Phillips with Mission 6 Nutrition and we talk nutrition coaching, metabolic & nervous system adaptation, adrenal fatigue, and…edibles.

I have worked with Jason in the past (he helped me this summer in my weightlifting journey – Episode 224) and he has been cool enough to help educate and share some of his nutritional knowledge with our own BBS coaches. So we thought it was due time to put him on the mic to share his knowledge with all of you!

Straight up, Jason coaches a LOT of clients in their nutrition. Athletes like Sara Sigmundsdottir, Travis Mayer, Brent Fikowski, & WWE Superstar Becky Lynch.

Still think you can keep cutting calories and expect the best of both worlds?

Give this episode a listen and learn why your performance in the gym (and bedroom) is suffering because you’re not eating enough food.



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6 Responses to “Sex Drive, Adrenal Fatigue & Under Eating w/ Jason Phillips – Episode 232”

  1. Amy Klein

    This was a GREAT cast! I can sympathize with Tina’s comment about her husband. My spouse is going through some rough times with weight loss issues but he won’t even entertain the thought that he may not be eating enough calories. So what does he do? He opts for the quick fix weight loss, restricted calorie diet that works for a while but stalls out eventually… and where do you go when you have such a restricted diet… you can’t”go” anywhere. As an athlete myself I have had to come to terms with eating more calories. In a believer! I wish I could convince him.

  2. Cullen G Griffin

    Great episode, I was doing zone and was at a super caloric deficiit. Zone diet is great if you’re eating the proper blocks, but for me I was eating 17 blocks and It felt like it wasn’t enough. Now I’m trackign macros consumimg 2,800 calories and I feel fantastic. Still don’t have a six pack yet, but it’s a huge jump from 1500 or calories to 2800.


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