Eating for Strength & Performance: How Alex Got His Ab Grooves Back – Episode 230

Episode 230 Eating for Strength | Barbell Shrugged

This week on Barbell Shrugged we discuss how Alex Got His Groove Back.

Unlucky-in-love grad student Alex (Alex Maclin) jets to Jamaica with his gal pal Delilah (Whoopi Goldberg) for some fun in the sun. There, the 26-year-old working man has an island fling with a new diet experiment involving measuring and weighing his food (180g Carbs, 30g Fat, 150g Protein per day).

When it’s time to return to Memphis, Maclin realizes that he’s unleashed a new metabolism and his physique is a spitting image of it’s efficacy. But, just like any long term diet that involves weighing and measuring, does this chase for six pack abs stand a chance against everyday temptations? Or even worse, will he lose his gainz as a result?

In this show we talk about Alex’s journey in the kitchen and discuss what he’s learned that’s worked for him in the past when it comes to eating to gain strength and keep the pounds off. Stories are shared, failures are admitted, secrets are unraveled in this epic tale of one man’s journey to find his groove (in his abs).



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11 Responses to “Eating for Strength & Performance: How Alex Got His Ab Grooves Back – Episode 230”

  1. Jesse

    Right at about the 10 min mark, this episode rang too true for me. I’ve gone down that same paleo route to weighing and measuring and now im slowly starting to add more carbs in but still have that shock factor that this might make me gain fat while trying to lose it. Thanks for this and Im sure it will hit home with a lot of others as well!!!

  2. Chance

    I train early in the morning so I usually include breakfast food into my post workout meal, would you recommend substituting bacon for some other type of protein?

    • Alex Maclin

      I would definitely not eat bacon post workout. Actually I rarely even eat bacon at all anymore hah. Stick with lean proteins like egg whites, chicken breast or turkey breast. Like chik-fila says on those new commercials, CHIKN FOR BREAKAST :)

      I like to do egg whites, spinach, sometimes a little sliced deli chicken breast in the morning.

  3. Morgan Tracy

    Listened too this episode right as it came out. I’ve always been a structured person and have been following IIFYM for 2 years now. The quality of food. This is something I am starting to focus on. I realize that I am eating more sweets than I want or should be only because I can fit them. This could also be because I recently am post-show and my sweet tooth is just through the roof. But after listening too your episode, it made me think about how this possibly could be affecting my performance in and out of the gym. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Ryan

    I watched Alex’s 45 min video on eating for strength and the advice on calculating baseline calorie intake seems way off to me. Nowhere near enough food for someone training regularly at a decent intensity.
    Take me as an example: Male, 6’1″, 210lbs
    Protein @0.85*210 = 178g (712 cals)
    Carbs @1*210 = 210g (840 cals)
    Fat @0.5*210 = 105g (945 cals)
    Total = 2497 cals
    That’s barely enough food to cover my BMR, I would expect to see a baseline recommendation calculated somewhere closer to 3000 calories for somebody my weight. I eat about 3,500-4000 most days but that’s just what works for my body to roughly maintain weight and still see steady gains in strength and performance.

  5. James Cunningham

    Hey Guys!

    Love the podcasts, videos, and other resources! Thank you so much for helping guys like me continue to learn and improve in the gym!

    I’m currently listening to this podcast and hearing you guys talk about upping your coffee game! I’d be pumped to help you guys on that front. I own a coffee company in Nashville and have been an coffee educator for the last five years.

    You guys have taught me so much, I’d love to return the favor!

    Jamie Cunningham


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