My 5 Key Habits

Christmas, you’re very well known, but I don’t think people appreciate how hard you’ve worked to get there. You’re a business owner, a coach, model, Crossfitter, Weightlifter, Nascar pit-crew member, you’ve tried out sports commentary lately. I don’t think there’s a challenge out there you wouldn’t take on. So, what’s your best advice for someone looking to make a big transformation in their life? – C

I think you have to focus on 5 key habits. They are simple things, but they are also incredibly powerful. If you work at them daily they can change your life. Like anything, it just takes some practice, and some belief.

1. Set big goals, then break them down

I never aim low. If you want to achieve big things in this life, I believe you have to set major long-term goals that push your limits and really stretch your abilities. Running a 5k might be your big goal right now, or maybe it’s to add 50 pounds to your squat. It doesn’t matter. Set the bar high, then break it down into small, attainable goals that you can work on every day.

Build belief by taking small daily steps, just one training session at a time. Don’t focus on the end result. Great long runs begin with mastery of single foot strikes. If you want to squat big it starts by adding just a few pounds. Relentlessly take small steps and your goal will be within reach before you know it.


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2. Always try new things

You might know the quote, it’s been said many times before. “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” It makes perfect sense, so why do so many people keep expecting their life or body to change when they are so resistant to new experiences and experiments?

Make a habit out of saying yes more often, even if you do feel that resistance at first. You will discover that sometimes the things you didn’t believe you would enjoy become some of your new favorite past times. You won’t know unless you try.

3. Do good without expectation

It’s easy to see when someone is acting with the wrong type of motive. Never pay it forward expecting great things to come your way in return. That’s not the way the world works. You have to learn to do good just for the sake of doing good.

It’s smile stuff. Open the door for someone, smile as they pass by (for no reason other than to pass on a smile), tell a Sales Associate’s Manager how nice they were and how they helped you. When you start a project or a venture don’t think about the money you could make off of it. Instead, focus on maximizing the value you can provide to others people. That’s how any real business is built anyway.

Selfless acts are highly rewarding. The feeling of helping somebody is a lot better than the feeling of getting something for yourself. So, give more often. The more you do it the more you’ll focus on what matters most, the effort, the daily work, and the additional opportunities for good that it all creates. You’ll see, the big goals will start falling more often the more good that you do. It’s simple and super rewarding.

Try it.

4. Learn to put yourself first sometimes

You have to give, but there has to be limits.

So much of our lives revolves around doing things for others, which is great. No matter what you get out of this world, I believe you can only be your happiest self once you find a way to give something unique and valuable back. But all that giving can be hard. It can drain you, and that’s not good for anyone in your life, especially you.

Know your worth. Be selfish with some of your time. Your family, your kids, whoever, they’ll understand. In fact, they’ll be glad you did it soon enough.

You don’t have to go missing in action, just make sure to schedule personal hours on your calendar to read, or maybe enjoy one of those brand new past-times you’ve discovered lately. In any case, it’s OK to be selfish sometimes. Place more focus on rejuvenation and you’ll be happier and more effective during the day.


 Attitude is everything

5. Purge the negativity from your life

You have to surround yourself with positivity if you want to accomplish big things, there’s no way around that. Realize that there can be no room in your life for negativity. Purge it!

Stop being mean to yourself. Don’t talk shit about others, negativity only breeds more negativity. This is a vicious cycle that will pollute your life and derail your progress. So, give yourself some slack and allow others a break or two as well. If you’re enjoying the day, others around you will be too.

There’s nothing in your way, apart from yourself. Build great habits and create the life you want. It’s your decision.



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21 Responses to “My 5 Key Habits”

  1. jojo flores

    You inspre me a lot, specially after reading these 5 tips of yours. Keep on doing what you are now thank you oh by the way I like your smile best take care.

  2. Jen

    Seriously ? Grow up. She’s such an inspirational woman. Christmas, I’m so proud of you! Thanks for being YOU :)

    • Chris

      I resolved that. I really hate trolls. There aren’t any errors here. People need to grow up. Thank you.


  3. Angela

    This was wonderful, thank you so much for sharing your words and thoughts <3

  4. JP

    Or, you could, I don’t know, not read anything she writes if it’s that torturous. Personally I believe we all need a little more Christmas in our lives (like another BS episode!) 😀

  5. Brent

    Cant see #2 or #3 because the Instagram post is in the way… :(

    Either way I love Daily!

  6. Meddy Paulus

    I am not able to see #2 and #3. I would really like to read it. I have tried to move it and clicked on it. I follow Christmas Abbott and she is amazing!!! Please help…

    Many Thanks,


  7. Tim

    Seems to be a problem with Internet explorer. In IE the Instagram feed covers keys 2 and 3. However i am able to view it fine through firefox and chrome.

  8. Lou~

    Cant agree more with 1
    i heart me some Christmas knowledge

    loving the daily! thank you for all you guys/gals do!

  9. Cory

    This is an awesome interview. That quote about same habits will yield the same results really resonated with me after reading it this time. Most times I usually hear the quote, but the written word inspires a bit more in this instance. I started Crossfit 2 months ago with my wife, so I am practicing what is being preached.

    Baller interiew

  10. Chris

    Those five points apply in the gym like they apply to other aspects of life. All except #3, I suppose, since we all lift with expectation of improvement.


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