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Viewer’s Top 5 Episodes of Barbell Shrugged


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The very best of Barbell Shrugged continues this week with your top 5 moments from the show. That’s right, you told us what you wanted to see and we listened!

First up, I should have known that you wanted to see more of Julien Pineau exposing our weaknesses and smashing us into dust with his heavy sled. That experience was humbling and quite painful, actually, but I have to agree – It was one of the most illuminating moments we’ve ever had on Shrugged.

And of course, the rest of the Top 5 is just as killer. It’s no surprise that Cory Gregory’s passion for personal growth and physical strength is still resonating so loudly, even though it’s been 10 months since we first talked to him about the art of squatting everyday. That show continues to inspire immediate action, as does The Window of Gains episode, all the work we’ve done with Dr. Andy Galpin over the years, and sure, even those goofy little Hot Tips videos you might recall.

It’s all been part of a plan, a pattern.

We might be talking about overcoming a weakness, growing stronger, gaining muscle, learning science, or even how to laugh before a big competition. But before all that comes the core mission of Barbell Shrugged, which is that it doesn’t matter what you face, and it doesn’t matter how or where you start. If you can surround yourself with curious, hard-working, smart, passionate, open hearted and fun human beings, then a brand new world will open up. Your definition of what strong means will change forever.

That’s the story of the Top 5, in addition to everything we’ve done, and everything that we’ve got planned now. The mission lives. In fact, it might be fair to say that we’ve only just begun the work.

I hope you enjoy the show,


4 Responses to “Viewer’s Top 5 Episodes of Barbell Shrugged”

  1. Josh

    Hey guys, so I get that y’all have other stuff in the works and what not but I’m just curious, is the podcast ever coming back? Thanks

    • Chris

      Yes, we’re actually hard at work while we speak. What people don’t understand is the amount of work involved. They will soon. Cheers,

      • Todd

        I’m glad the podcast is coming back. I look forward to listening to a new episode on my way to work every week or watching it while I’m on the stationary bike.


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