Motivation for Your New Year



On behalf of the entire Barbell Shrugged crew I’d like to say, Happy New Year!

Now’s the time for your annual reboot. Your fresh start. So, be grateful and excited. Last year’s grind is a memory. You’ve recovered with time spent time in that champagne and pie-fueled Holiday haze. And now, all the ink on your resolutions is dry.

The only thing left is to start the work, and I think this video is just the thing to get you going.

This moment only comes around once a year. So, we’d rather not share another random list of habits and lifestyle hacks. And I won’t offer five easy steps for gaining strength and prosperity in 2016, because it’s not necessary. You don’t need another voice telling you what to do. And I bet you’ve already thought hard enough about your plans, goals and expectations.

Instead of adding to that I’d rather cut it back with borrowed wisdom. This is for the sake of clarity, but it’s also something to fuel your daily effort all year long. This resolution comes from the 13th-century philosopher and mystic, Meister Eckhart, and it’s very empowering.

He wrote that, “People should think less about what they ought to do and more about what they want to be. If only their living were good, their work would shine forth brightly.” That’s the New Year’s message that I’d like to share. It is powerful, and simple enough for anyone to apply immediately.

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Be resolved to grow stronger, fitter, and wiser one day at a time, all year long. I promise, the Barbell Shrugged crew will be there with you every step of the way. We’re going to help you get the results you’re after, and so much more. Be ready.

I also want to reinforce something True and unchanged since Mr. Eckhart’s time, or any other. The happier version of You doesn’t begin the moment you grow fitter, stronger, richer, whatever. That’s just the common illusion. The better version actually starts right now, with the present decision.

Decide today to make the full effort. To truly be resolved. At work, in your training, or at home with your family and friends, think hard instead about the kind of person you want to be – Patient, earnest, kind and considerate. You know, much stronger all-around.

Live this resolution daily and I promise, the brighter you will shine through automatically.



4 Responses to “Motivation for Your New Year”

  1. Eric Pritchard


    Love your posts! This one is great, thanks for the inspiration! Been following you for awhile now, keep it up!


  2. Pat


    Thanks for the inspiration. Every day is a chance to improve and to be just a little better than the day before. Slowly it adds up. Big fan of your posts and podcasts. Keep up the great work.


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