Meet Mike McElroy


In the early days of Barbell Shrugged we filmed every show at home in Memphis.

Mostly it was just Mike, Doug, CTP and me, but occasionally we’d meet a local Crossfit athlete that would catch our eye with an awesome performance. Or maybe we’d find a devoted coach or gym owner that we just knew could teach us a thing or two.

Well, Mike McElroy was all those things.


If that name sounds familiar it’s because Mike was a guest way back on Episode 69. We discussed programming for strength and metcon performance, and to be honest, he impressed us all with how much he knew and how skillfully he applied it all.

Mike has since become the Head Programing Genius here at Barbell Shrugged, crafting and directing the training of several thousand athletes online. He also continues to serve clients live as a decorated coach and owner of two Crossfit gym’s down in Mississippi.

Of all the experts and personalities we’ve interviewed, none are sharper than Mike McElroy. I can’t wait to see him share his expertise with the world as a recurring host.

Together with Kurt, Alex and McGoldrick you couldn’t ask for a stronger cast. I know you’re going to enjoy the show.



Learn from Mike McElroy

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  1. Cole

    McElroy you are a sadistic master of programming! Loving FLIGHT and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us “senior” athletes from the first run of FLIGHT. Keep up all the great sessions man!


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