“Chains” – A Barbell Shrugged Short

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This week the Barbell Shrugged team brought back a Memphis tradition, Max-Out Friday’s.

The idea is pretty simple – Get together with your best friends and lift some heavy barbells. Push each other. Break new ground. Raise the standards. Then fuck around, have fun, and when it comes to food and vice, do whatever you want!

That might sound a little excessive, but we long ago discovered a fundamental universal truth when it comes to reigning supreme and kicking ass – You have to play just as hard as you work. If you think about it, making more time for recreation, fun and excess is the only way you can keep a balance.

Maybe next time around we can do a Vice Friday CTP Cam. Until then, we’ve got a tribute for you. This week the team worked up to a really heavy box squat single using the cambered bar and some chains. This is an incredible movement, especially if you’re in need of more stability, speed and posterior chain strength.

To learn more about these powerlifting style squats, make sure to go checkout Episode 74 of Barbell Shrugged. That show has some great nuggets and pearls if you’re looking to get strong.

Just one last note, this video is in memory of the late great B.B. King, a true Memphis legend. Thanks for all the great tunes, King. We’ll never forget you.

Reign Supreme,



Song – “Chains and Things


9 Responses to ““Chains” – A Barbell Shrugged Short”

  1. P-hound

    Super fucking cool. You guys keep killin’ it with everything you do.

  2. Paul

    just wanted to say I really loved this video. Keep the shorts coming CTP!

  3. Layne Murdoch jr.


    That was rad fellas and CTP you have a great cinema style. I had the pleasure of seeing B.B. King once in Cleveland, on his 85th birthday with my Dad! May he Rest In Peace.

  4. Jama Anders

    O.K. I know there are some great lifting videos and classics out there, but at the moment I can’t think of one greater. Simple yet dynamic. Helps I like lifting to some Al Green/B.B. King radio while lifting.


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