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To paraphrase Mark Twain, if you’re looking to get ahead in life, all you need to do is get started. That couldn’t be more true in business.

Did you ever shovel snow, cut yards, deliver newspapers, or run a lemonade stand as a kid? It could be any humble gig like that. They all offer valuable repetition in something very important – Identifying people’s needs and offering solutions.

That’s why you hear so many stories of successful entrepreneurs and their early, naive ventures. They didn’t wait around hoping to find their true passion all at once, or a million dollar idea. They just got started doing what they could and nothing more.

It’s really no different than getting good at weightlifting. The more reps you put in, the greater your skill. That accumulates more than you think with time.


You don’t have to figure it all out right now.

Anyone could start a business, but many won’t. Why is that? Mostly it’s self-applied pressure. Many people get caught up in trying to find their one true passion, or maybe the perfect idea. They wait for the lowest risk moment, or until there’s real money to be made. But those are all terrible reasons to delay, mostly because they are complete delusion.

Mark Twain was right, of course. The only trick is to start again, every single day, over and over. But always evolving, changing, and working to learn. With that mindset, you can’t help but find success.


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If you don’t know where to start, just ask.

Aside from the pressure of starting, just knowing what to do is the hardest challenge. In this case, there’s one fool-proof thing you can do to get your journey started. If you don’t know what to do on your own, go find someone you can learn from.

Think about someone you admire – a successful coach, gym owner, it could be anyone. Reach out. Ask how you can help. Spend as much time around them as possible.

Again, as in weightlifting, the easiest way to get good is to hang out with people better than you. Help with passion. Contribute as much value as possible. Do it for nothing. And try to learn absolutely everything you can along the way. That strategy will help you build very strong relationships in your industry, and you will prosper.

All you have to do is be willing to help.  

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Imagine that you’re sitting inside of a circle.

It’s very comfortable in there. The temperature is just right, and you’ve got just enough skill for the job at hand…And that’s exactly why you will never be great.

Successful people are always working hard to expand their circles, outwards into areas where they are forced to grow and adapt. They aren’t ruled by fear, they actually use it as a guide and fuel. And they hang out with people who challenge them with their big ideas, their bold vision and passion.

You can also jump into brand new circles. Again, all you have to do is start with a genuine interest and an offer to help. In exchange for that value, people will happily teach you everything they know. They will almost certainly support you all along the way, which is priceless.

All it takes is your willingness to step outside, towards the edges of your circle. Repetition, repetition, the more you do it, the easier it will get.

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So start!

3 Responses to “You can be an entrepreneur – Barbell Business”

  1. Nidhish

    “You can also jump into brand new circles. Again, all you have to do is start with a genuine interest and an offer to help.”

    This is very true. I started taking adult gymnastics classes around thanksgiving 2014, a few months later I asked if I could coach there and in a few days I’m gonna be working exclusively with the boys team from now on! I had an interest, found a support system, and now I’m making money doing something brand new to me around awesome people & learning every day!

  2. Joel

    Can someone tell me the name of the management book doug mentioned on the show? If possible the name of the couple of books that were mentioned in this episode?

    Amazing show by the way!!


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