What All CrossFitters Should Know About Running w/ CrossFit Endurance Coach Brian Mackenzie – EPISODE 82

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Brian Mackenzie’s Background (3:32) Brian Coaching (9:45) Old & New Versions of Endurance (11:08) Unscared Derailed (14:20) Pose, Feeling of Falling (16:22) Vertical vs. Horizontal (17:24) Not Adding to Your Fitness (19:22) Standard for Running (22:40) Brian’s Book, New Order (24:18) Book & Training, Accumulation of Ideas (27:15) Break Yourself (28:27) Progenex Commercial (30:09) Technique WOD (31:10) Where CrossFit Came into Brian’s Training (35:30) CrossFit Endurances Athletes vs. Endurance Athletes (39:46) Brian’s Next Goal, Be Kind To Yourself (43:32) Biggest Myth or Misunderstanding of CrossFit Endurance (46:43) Best Lifts for a Runner, Squat (47:58) Brian’s Mental State (49:38) Fueling View Changes, Old & New (51:00) CrossFit Plus Endurance, (53:00) Paralleling Strength & Endurance Training (54:26) Short Metcon, CrossFit.com & CrossFitEndurance.com (56:16) Strong Enough, Diminishing Return (59:10) Brian’s Supplements (1:01:40) Donate (1:06:17)