How To Train With Knee Pain – N&P w/ Zach Greenwald

Knee Pain Nuggets & Pearls | Barbell Shrugged

Knee pain, especially while squatting, has to rank as one of the most prevalent complaints we see from athletes.

On this episode of Nuggets & Pearls, Zach Greenwald of Strength Ratio answers how to train and squat around painful knees. He gives advice on how to adjust your training to accommodate for painful or sore knees and shares some exercises to perform to bring up weaknesses and reduce imbalances in strength that may be causing your knee pain in the first place.

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2 Responses to “How To Train With Knee Pain – N&P w/ Zach Greenwald”

  1. Mansal Denton

    So grateful to Zach and the guys for this one! After a lifetime of soccer and a career ending hip surgery, my knees have taken their fair share of a beating. I’ve pretty much stopped heavy strength training and have just been doing the minimum required to maintain shape.

    Thanks for the help, Zach and crew


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