The Weightlifter’s Journey Part 4: What it takes to compete in Weightlifting

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this week on BARBELL SHRUGGED, our 5-part series The Weightlifter’s Journey continues with part 4. “What it takes to compete in Weightlifting.”

On part 3we talked to Danny Soul about finding freedom in the snatch, clean and jerk, and how Weightlifting can change your life for the better. This week, we are live at the MIA Classic with coach Travis Mash and weightlifter Adee Zukier to discuss competition, and just what it takes to find success in this sport.

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Many of the Weightlifter’s rewards aren’t found inside the walls of a gym. The greatest thrills and discoveries happen out on the competition platform.

On this episode, we share the qualities you should look for in a great coach, and how they can help you reach your full strength. Also, we’ll show you exactly what it’s going to take to raise your weightlifting game up to the competitive level.

Get ready to earn the title of Weightlifter. This is The Weightlifters Journey, part 4.

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We hope you enjoy the show. Please share this series with any friends with an interest in training. The more we spread the message of Weightlifting, the brighter the future will be.



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