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On this Talking Depth, CTP, McG and I say goodbye to our friend, Chris Moore, who passed away on June 6, 2016. He was really proud of this episode. I think it really resonated with everything Chris believed in about working hard towards goals and dreams, perseverance through adversity, and making progress.  Before he passed, he told me that this was his gift to me. I don’t even know what to say about that but I wish was here to thank in person. So thank you Chris.

And even though Chris is gone, his words will live on through this story and a host of other podcasts, TechniqueWODs and articles that he’s created over the years. It’s truly a beautiful thing that he’ll continue to inspire and help others.

We’ll also discuss some behind-the-scenes stories from this Full Depth episode, and what I’ve been up to since Reno and where I’m working towards next.

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P.S. As always don’t listen to this podcast until you’ve actually watched the episode!

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If you’d like to help make Chris’s dreams for his art and his family a reality, you can offer your support here.

Watch The Alex Maclin Story – Full Depth 003 here


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  1. Matty

    You got me when Alex mentioned about the gift from Chris. Very sad, RIP Chris. Anyway great job all of you keep doing what you’re doing.


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