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Single leg RDL and skater squats are two great strength-building assistance exercises that are rare in most gyms. We need to change that.

Most athletes simply don’t realize they’re an option. They haven’t been exposed to the movements in training. Some might think there are easier, more effective METCON options to program, whatever.

We recommend that you do them. In short, your abs, back, hips and legs will be much stronger and healthier because of it. Give these movements a try and reap the benefits.

Got questions on these movements, or how to work them into you training? Just leave a comment below. We’ll take care of you.

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12 Responses to “Single-Leg Deadlifts and Skater Squats – TechniqueWOD”

  1. Juan

    Love Barbell Shrugged + Daily + Flight!!! How would one go about including these in a program? I currently follow Outlaw! Thanks!

    • Chris

      These are assistance movements. They can be done anytime after the main, heavy lifting. You would also do them light of a warm-up, or on an off-day. As always, just start light and work up from there.

  2. Justin

    Wow. Doug great episode…very in depth. I’ve always been a little weaker in the DL than others. Maybe this accessory work will help a little.

  3. Justin

    I tried to post a comment but it won’t post it say it looks like I already said that…

  4. Brian

    I have a few questions about Deadlifts. I’m 34. Within the past 2 years, I’ve taken up weightlifting. After always being athletic but never touching a barbell, I’ve fallen in love with being strong. My question is, 1) why do some people struggle with the lockout, but explode off the wall and vice versa? I’m slow off the floor but once I get past my shins, the lockout is easy. 2) Any idea what muscles I need to strengthen help getting the weight up? Or 3) Is there possibly something in my form I need to correct? I know the last one is hard without seeing my form, but any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Drew

    I have never been good at pistols and this has really helped!! Unfortunately, I tore my meniscus doing a pistol for the first time in a wod.. Any tips on coming back from that injury and how to get stronger knees?


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