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This week on Barbell Shrugged we are joined by the champ, 4-time world’s fittest man, Rich Froning Jr. Actually, he’s hosting the show!

Mike and Doug are currently in Peru chasing their spirit animals around the jungle. It’s true, you can hear all about this weekend at PaleoFX during the Shamanism: Ayahuasca Chronicles session. They couldn’t make the show, so we thought we would turn the reigns over to Rich.

He’s great at everything else, right? Of course he can host a podcast.

Fun little challenge from @Jameshobart… Double Grace with 225#… My goal was sub 10 #wellthatwashard

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We are also joined on this show by Crossfit Games veteran James Hobart, as well as Barbell Shrugged coach and Crossfit Games athlete Mike McGoldrick. These are all incredibly talented guys, there’s no doubt. In the case of Rich, there’s never been anyone better in the sport of competitive fitness! 

But that said, what’s most impressive about these guys is actually what you notice most often about them.

They don’t spend a bunch of time worrying over programming. If you’re familiar with how a lot of these high level Crossfit athletes train, then nothing about their WODs would really surprise you, at least on paper. 

What you would probably notice first is the volume of work. These guys move a lot. In Rich’s case, I don’t think he really ever stops training. He’s glistening with his shirt off and breathing heavy every time I see him! No, the work is never fancy. There’s just a lot of it.

If there is any overall programming strategy, I’d say it’s more about pride than anything. If you’re going to train, why not train hard and often? That’s the only way you’re going to reach your full potential. If you can do something better, do it! You should constantly be looking for ways to get stronger, move better and raise your standards in the gym.You don’t need a coach to tell you that, right? 

And most importantly, remember that you should also have a good time in the gym. This show is proof of that. Rich, James and Mike are all training right now. They’ve don’t have much time for screwing around, yet they place a priority on laughing and making room for play. They smile a lot, even in the middle of WODs.

It’s really no surprise that all three are also some of the most consistent athletes in Crossfit. Hell, Rich doesn’t even sleep anymore and he’s still capable of performing at the highest level.


Rich, thanks for having us out. We had fun at the barn, and everyone at the Mustard Seed Ranch event was absolutely fantastic. It’s was a great event. And hey, don’t worry, dude. The little one will start sleeping better soon, I promise. Those long nights don’t last forever. :)



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  1. Lucas

    That was awesome. Thanks guys for your videos. By the way, where can I get the Rotue tshirt that James Hobart is wearing during the video.


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