Nutrition for Weightlifters
You can have a body you are proud of and hit PR's in the gym without fad diets, drugs, or eating boring foods every single day..
What you'll get...
Nutrition For Weightlifters is a 10 video course containing everything we know about creating and building an effective nutrition strategy for true strength and improved performance.
What all the greats are doing.
The essential nutrition habits you must adopt to boost your strength and performance while improving body composition
What elite level lifters are actually eating.
Ever wonder how champion weightlifters and professional athletes structure their nutrition?

 We take you behind the scenes and show you exactly what they are eating
Eat this, not that.
We'll show you the healthiest, most nutrient dense foods you absolutely must include in your diet and what to avoid.
Lean, the better way.
Our preferred method to losing excess body fat that while simultaneously allowing you to hit new PR’s
Meals that heal.
How to optimize your meal plan to get the most out of your training and recovery.
The Window of Gainz™
Discover how to create a Window Of Gainz™ that allows you to speed up recovery and muscle growth.
“I had suspected I was short on calories, but the program guidance coupled with tracking showed exactly where I was and where I needed to be. Balancing my macros and increasing my intake according the your recommendations, I've got more energy have over the last month, I've gained 5 lbs and have had by body fat go down by 1% .”

-Bryan Y., Nutrition for Weightlifters Student
It doesn't matter how advanced you are...
Nutrition For Weightlifters is for lifters of all skill levels. If you've got progress to make in the gym or with body composition, that's all that matters.
A Course Based on Experience
1. Introduction: Why Great Nutrition Is Important for Weightlifters - Learn why you need to optimize your nutrition in order to maximize your performance and training efforts.

 2. What Experienced Weightlifters Eat - “Skip to the front of the line”... We'll show you exactly how seasoned athletes structure their meals so you can start eating and performing better right away.

 3. What Foods to Eat - Here we’ll cover what kinds of foods you should focus on eating so you can have more energy, more muscle and less body fat.

 4. How Much to Eat - Discover how much food you should eat to pack on lean muscle mass naturally without having to force feed yourself all day long.

5. When to Eat - Master properly timing your meals and food intake so you can speed up recovery and muscle growth.

6. All About Macros - Skip all the confusion and super-scientific details about macros. Fully grasp everything you need to know about macronutrients and learn what the best and worst macronutrient food sources are.

7. What to Eat Before, During and After Training - Learn how to approach everyday nutrition so you can perform your best in training and what the best nutritional supplements are for supporting the daily demands of training.

8. How To Eat to Get Leaner and Stay Strong - Everything you need to know to lose body fat the smart way.

9. How to Eat to Build Strength and Muscle Mass - The keys to getting swole, building strength and minimizing fat gain.

10. How to Eat for Olympic Weightlifting Competitions - Become an expert at preparing food for competitions so you can achieve record-setting performances.

ALSO you can download audio of all your nutrition lessons so you can listen while driving to work, running errands, chores and etc.


Bonus #1 - Nutriton for Weightlifters 8 Week Meal Plan ($97 Value)

Take the guess work out of your nutrition with this 96-page 8 week meal plan complete with 32 recipes, shopping lists and macronutrient calculations to kickstart your nutritional transformation.

Bonus #2 - Macronutrient and Food Source Reference Guide ($27 Value)
Discover the 44 types of foods that should be a staple in your diet and the 11 types of foods you definitely want to save for #ViceFriday!

Bonus #3 - How to Count Macros Guide ($27 Value)

Learn the secrets of how to count macros, track your food like a pro and take full control over your nutrition.

Bonus #4 - Macronutrient Calculator ($17 Value)

Easily figure out how much food you need to eat to put on solid muscle mass, lose body fat without losing strength, or maximize your strength without gaining or losing weight.
Are you hungry yet?
Why put off taking your nutrition (and ultimately your training and recovery) to the next level?

You can buy Nutrition for Weightlifters right now. This course comes with a 30-day 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.If for any reason you are not satisfied with this course, simply let us know and you'll receive a full refund.