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Nuggets & Pearls Jason Phillips | Barbell Shrugged

On this KILLER episode of Nuggets & Pearls, Jason Phillips (from Episode 232), answers some excellent nutrition questions we got from our YOU, the Shrugged Thugs (thanks everyone who sent them in!)

Jason gives his take on the “can you perform well/look good eating donuts” trend that’s been so prevalent in our community lately, goes in depth about how to adjust your nutrition to match your goals (performance, looks or a combo of both) and drops a ton of really solid nutrition knowledge bombs throughout the entire episode.

If you enjoyed Jason’s podcast, you will love this Nuggets & Pearls. So fit in some time and watch this!

Thanks again Jason for coming on the show and doing this Q&A. Be sure to check out Jason’s nutrition coaching and website and his company Mission 6 Nutrition and throw some support his way.


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2 Responses to “Questions on Nutrition w/ Jason Phillips – Nuggets & Pearls”

  1. Micah Dodge

    Metabolic set-point, how does that work out for obese people? I know people that need to lose a lot of weight, and need caloric deficit, but what if losing weight requires them to go below that set point in their body, and it is unsustainable? Is this a point where the diet needs to be adjusted incrementally and the deficit is lower, thus reaching the goals is going to take a lot longer than they would really like to see?

    Is this where we essentially aim for a slow metabolic reset of their body, and go from there?

    I wish i had seen N & P before it was released, in time to ask earlier… oh well

  2. Shane

    Great episode and q and a session. Jason Phillips was the most impressive guest I have seen in a while. Good job guys and thanks for the resource!


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