Interview w/ Julie Foucher 3-time CrossFit Games Athlete – EPISODE 65

On this episode of the Barbell Shrugged podcast we got a chance to sit down with the reigning 2nd fittest woman on the planet Julie Foucher. We ask her about her training during her year off from CrossFit competition, and how she balances Med School with training.

Julie Not Competing This Year, School (1:53) Taking A Break Effect On Next Year (3:10) Efficient Movement, Julies Background (4:27) Strengths & Weaknesses (5:23) Crossfit Helps With Perspective (6:47) Disconnect With Doctors & Nutrition and Wellness (8:42) Progenex Commercial (17:25) Muscle Gain Program Progress (17:57) Trial Run All The WODS (20:40) Training Secessions For Julie (21:24) Medical Recommendations (20:50) Competition Training After Exams (22:58) Supplements & Nutrition (23:22) Neutrophils (25:12) Unconfident Doctor Visit (26:23) Paleo Debates, High Cholesterol (30:13) No Tests, Set Your Own Goals (42:47) Doug’s Book on Julie’s Programming (37:21)