No Leg. No Sight. No Problem. How Would You Adapt Your Training?

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I can remember what life was like before. Comfortable and confident; I was unaware of everything I had to lose. 

Then in an instant it was gone. One crash, and from that moment on, nothing was the same.

This challenge has brought pain, but also a chance to rise. To grow. To engage and adapt. And to create something brand new and beautiful from the loss. 

This is my reality. But I won’t worry over the past, and I have no regrets. I’m wide awake now, so don’t feel sorry for me. 

My future’s never been so bright.

We hope you enjoy this very special episode of Barbell Shrugged.

Please watch and share this episode with a friend. The more people that find out about the power of adaptive athletics, the better.

Also, take the time to engage and get involved in this community. I promise, you will never view training, or your life, the same way again.




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10 Responses to “No Leg. No Sight. No Problem. How Would You Adapt Your Training?”

  1. Duran

    I’m planning on becoming a prosthetist/orthotist. In the depths of filling out applications for the grad programs, this was a fantastic episode.

    • Chris

      Yeah, I think it will help to remind yourself of your higher purpose. This is a very important thing to be doing, so thank you for the effort.

  2. Jeremy Johnson

    Glad to see this podcast happen. I’ve been training an adaptive athlete for over a year now. I took the Adaptive Athlete course with Sara and Chef earlier this year. They were a big help. Going To D.C. in November to the Working Wounded Games so my athlete can compete. Keep up the good work fellas.

  3. Andy

    It would be better for the listeners if Chris wouldn’t interrupt and talk over the guests and other hosts. Please hang back and let the conversation flow.

    • Chris

      Andy, let’s just say this – You’d be surprised what it takes to keep a conversation going on microphones. I’m better at hanging back now than I used to be, but guess what happens when you do that all the time? …A conversation that doesn’t flow.

      • Andy

        A fair point, and I appreciate that you care enough to listen to your audience and thoughtfully respond.

        • Chris

          What we’re here for. And to your point, I know I’m loud. But I think I’m getting better every time, for the most part. Like I said, you’d be really surprised at how tricky it is. Kind of like lifting. Seems simple at first, then you spend the rest of your life working on it. :)

  4. Dan

    Chris –

    Since the big move out to So-Cal it sounds to me like you’ve seriously stepped up your game! You’ve always been great on the mic but since the move I hear a new level of thoughtfulness and professionalism, I noticed it last week on the Travis Mash episode and this week with Kenny and Cory, as well as your recent GetChange podcasts. I’ve always loved your work, but recently I get the impression that you’re now a Professional Podcaster. Just wanted to let you know that your hard work and dedication is very apparent and is contributing hugely to a positive and highly valuable listening experience. Truly something better with my morning coffee.

    Thank you so much for all you do,

    • Chris

      Man, that means a lot. :) Thanks.

      Really, just trying to improve. Every time it feels the same (like I could have done a million things better). So, still some room to improve.



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