Fun ideas improve your strength training – Episode 177

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This week on Barbell Shrugged, it’s just like old times. Mike, Doug, CTP and I are together again to talk training, but the occasion is special.

This is our first show together from our new home in Encinitas, California. And I have to tell you, this felt just as fun as Episode 1. Especially for me, I guess. We podcasted from my just recently completed home gym, also known as the Barbell Shrugged Creative HQ and Junto parlor.

I think you’re going to enjoy this episode. After some 50 plus years of total training experience, we share what we’re doing right now in the gym to be strong.

Check it out.

This Wednesday its just the crew. And we talk about the things the 4 of us have been doing recently for strength. #barbellshrugged

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I’ll be honest. In this hour, we toss out a lot of terms and ideas that might sound brand new. That and I imagine there will be some questions after listening. In any case, we’ve got you covered. 

Stay tuned to the commercial break in this week’s episode. We’ve got a brand new episode of Nuggets & Pearls that will offer some more practical advice about some of the ideas we discussed, and how you might apply this stuff to your strength programming. Even better, if you’ve got a question for the Barbell Shrugged crew, just leave them in the comments below.

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We love Crossfit and strength sports, but you might notice that none of us are spending much time on punishing WODs lately.

It’s not that we wouldn’t love to, believe me. We’ve all had a blast training hard over the years for MMA, weightlifting, powerlifting, football, strongman, you name it. And just as you would expect, a lot of wear and tear can set in after some 50 years of heavy barbell work. We’ve been at it a while, that’s true, but it’s always possible for anyone to be strong. You just have to find an approach that works for you.

We’re all up to something a little different these days. Doug is using plenty of tempo and down sets to build his strength back up for Jiu Jitsu. Mike had a pretty severe groin injury and surgery last year but is bouncing back nicely by focusing on EMOM sessions and quality gymnastics. He’s also spending a lot more time out in the ocean surfing, which couldn’t be more fun and functional. It’s a nice change of pace for him after years and years of heavy snatches.

So, where does that leave me and CTP? Well, I haven’t trained seriously in a few years now. My last big competition was around 2009. But recently I’ve decided that I miss competing in powerlifting, so that’s something I’m going to do later this summer. I might not set any records, but I do plan on having a great time. 

For CTP, his journey is just beginning. Unlike us, he’s only been lifting a few years. I think you should pay attention to what he has to say on this episode and his current experiments in bodybuilding. If you’re a Crossfitter that is frustrated with their strength levels, his story and current training strategy could be just what you need to hear.

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I hope you enjoy the show.

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Train hard,


15 Responses to “Fun ideas improve your strength training – Episode 177”

  1. Shaun DeCroo

    Thanks fellas, great episode as always love when its just the crew. Chris where did you get the 6 Rules Arnold poster? I want one of those in my garage.

    • Chris

      Cory Gregory gave this to me after we shot the show with him. Maybe you can score on the MusclePharm site? Cheers,

  2. Brooks Fruge

    Great episode guys, I have been following your crew for a little over half a year now and I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge yall share. Really though..from strength training to nutrition to recovery to lifestyle design I cannot express how much we appreciate what you do. It was nice to hear updates on your personal journeys and I wish you all the best of luck. Will your crew be at the Crossfit Games this year? I would love to meet you guys if you can make it out there.


    • Chris

      Brooks, we’ll be there. Just stop by the FitAid tent. That’s one of our spots. And thanks very much for the kind words. That means a lot.


  3. Antoine

    Hey guys, thanks again for another great show. I’ve listened to almost all of your episodes and you’ve helped me tremendously. Thanks for your hard work!

    I wanted to suggest a guest for you, Steve Weatherford, punter for the NY Giants. He is a fitness freak and has a great personality, I’d love to see him on the show. I’m sure you know of him but in case you don
    t, here’s his instagram:

    Thanks again guys!

  4. JIMMY

    Brilliant episode guys! I’ve been a big fan for awhile now and I’ve seen every Shrugged podcast at least once. This one was my favorite though. I’m 38 (damn, that sucks! lol) and am constantly faced with the reality that I need to focus alot of attention toward recovery and this episode was packed full of N&P’s for somebody in my position. As much as I’d like to hammer all the time, I know it’s not possible and the info you guys just shared really hit home. I know it’s probably a smaller portion of your audience, but I’d love to hear more from you guys about how us “old” cats should train smart but still make some good gainz.

    Thanks for all that you do!


  5. Bo

    Hi Guys,

    I heard Chris mentioned he is training for an event in Dublin at CSA in June, I’d love some details on that as its right in my neighborhood!

    You all have been a big influence in my life over the last several months and I am loving FLIGHT, so I would love to come out and support!



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