The Alex Maclin Story – FULL DEPTH 003


Today sees the broadcast of the final show that Chris Moore and I created together for Full Depth and the Barbell Shrugged Podcast.

Encompassing elements of the hero’s journey, it charts the story of our friend and colleague, Alex Maclin on his pursuit of a dream.

This show was our gift to Alex, but it’s also my gift to you…to hear Chris’ voice a week after his departure from this life and know that his words and legacy will live on. That is my promise. As Chris himself says “now is the time to reflect upon what was and what lies ahead.”


Charlotte Miles

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Listen to a behind-the-scenes discussion of this episode of Full Depth where Alex, McG and CTP talk about our friend Chris, the trip to Reno, competing in weightlifting, what Alex has been doing since Reno and his current goals .

Listen to Talking Depth here.

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