The Godfather of American Weightlifting Coach Mike Burgener – FULL DEPTH 005

Burgener | Barbell Shrugged

“Welcome to Mike’s Gym

Where legends come to be born

Where Geezers become young

Where the spirit of Father Lange Lives Forever! “

These words found on the wall of coach Mike Burgener’s garage gym might not have any meaning to you quite yet.

Just wait.

This weeks show is simply put, a tribute, that is dedicated to one of the most impactful coaches we have ever had in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting & CrossFit.

Watch here if the video is not available in your country on YouTube

As one of Chris Moore’s latest projects, this was actually the first Full Depth episode that was filmed.

Things would not be where they are today if not for the love and passion of teaching from Coach Burgener. If you have aspirations to become the greatest coach you possibly can, sit and take note. You’ll learn some of the most valuable lessons from a man who’s dedicated his life to helping others achieve their form of greatness.

If you learned how to snatch or clean & jerk in the past 8 years, there is a very high chance that it was influenced by Coach B. Coach B brought a love and passion for weightlifting to the masses. He helped bridge the gap between the exploding sport of CrossFit® & brought new life to American Weightlifting.

In favor to and appreciation of our dear friend Chris Moore, please share this story to those you know will appreciate the hard work and craft that has been put into this show. This truly is something special to all of us. It was such a treat to see and hear Chris back on the camera for a bit.

I hope you enjoy!

After the show give a listen to Talking Depth where the guys and I share our thoughts on the episode and talk about the behind-the-scenes stories from filming.


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8 Responses to “The Godfather of American Weightlifting Coach Mike Burgener – FULL DEPTH 005”

  1. Christy Jeffery

    Great episode! One of my favorite to date. Really enjoyed the personal take on Burgener, he embodies so many qualities of an amazing coach. And definitely miss Chris’ presence and perspective on BBS, but I’m sure he’d be proud of this episode.

  2. Brodie Schroeder

    Awesome episode! Coach B is such an inspiring guy. I love his outlook on training and the lifestyle surrounding it. Would be awesome to train with him in person some day!


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