FLIGHT Weightlifting is now open!


The Barbell Shrugged team has been working hard to put together an amazing, comprehensive training program for aspiring weightlifters. We are stoked to announce that registration for our latest program “FLIGHT” is now open.

Our mission with this program is simple. We want to help you drastically improve your weightlifting game and set some big-time PR’s on your snatch, clean and jerk. We want to shape you into a great weightlifter. It’s possible, you just have to make a commitment to the journey. You should join a community of like minded lifters who are all aligned with your goals and lifestyle, that’s what it takes.

For more information about FLIGHT Weightlifting visit the webpage.  You’ll find all the program details, including a list of discounts and bonuses we’re giving every lifter that sign’s up early. Also, you can sign up for a live Q&A with us where you’ll be able to ask us any weightlifting question you want.

Click the image below to sign up. It’s 100% free, and just like our FLIGHT guide, I think you’ll get a lot of value out of it.


If you have any other questions just leave them in the comments below.

We’re very proud of FLIGHT. The entire team has worked around the clock to build a program second to none. We think will help you achieve a level of performance you never dreamed possible. If you’re interested in achieving extraordinary results, grab your spot today.

I look forward to seeing you in the program.


Mike Bledsoe


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3 Responses to “FLIGHT Weightlifting is now open!”

  1. Garrett

    Hey guys I have a few questions regarding the program. I have read through the flight manual and watched the videos you have put out and I am very interested. However being a college student the price is definitely a factor even for the solo membership, obviously if I could afford it I would go with the higher membership option. Price being a factor I just want to make sure this program is right for me before I commit a full year to it. I have previously followed Catalyst Athletic cycles and the volume seems to fit well for me and I have seen good results from following it regularly 5 days a week. I am wondering how programming will vary? Also I have always wished the cycles to have programmed supplemental work, I find it challenging to program core work, back work, mobility and other stability work for myself. I am hoping to compete at National Universities this year and it would be awesome if this program would fit my training. Will I benefit enough from following the Solo membership? I have never had a coach in front of me aside from a couple of seminars, so feedback may be big for me. Am I still able to get feedback from coaches in anyway with the solo membership? I appreciate all the content you guys regularly put out and would be stoked to be apart of a program with you considering it would be a good fit for me.


  2. Robert

    I am intrigued, but only have access to a crossfit gym for which to train. How do you suggest going about this type of program while the rest of the gym (and coaches) are following a traditional crossfit program?



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