How to Fix Your Posture and Movement Patterns – Episode 254


“Alignment is about balancing the motion with the chemistry. you can’t fix your mechanics if your chemistry is off”

In Fitness, we talk about mobility, a lot. We talk about performance a lot, and we talk about exercise technique, a lot. But what is often left out is what is going on the rest of the day.

It turns out, how we move when we are not in the gym (which is most of the time) effects how we move (and secondarily, how we perform) in the gym.

No matter how active you are or how much you pay attention to your technique, you are going to have incompetencies and imbalances. One of the goals of an effective and intelligent training program is to uncover and seek out those imbalances and fix them.

In this week’s episode, we visit the Human Garage in Venice Ca. Just like it sounds, the human garage is an (underground) body work clinic. The thing is, this place is not like any massage studio or chiropractic office you have been too. It is much more.

We talked to the owner/founder Gary about what is going on at the Human Garage and what they are doing to help their cliental, which include, professional athletes, Superhero movie stunt men, and the adrenaline junkies of the world, move better.

We discuss, what you can be doing to figure out imbalances in your movement patters, how to develop your posture, and how you can work towards having more awareness in your body for better performance, and health.

If you are ready to upgrade your movement practice, this episode is for you.


Enjoy the show!


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4 Responses to “How to Fix Your Posture and Movement Patterns – Episode 254”

  1. Avi Tevet

    In the video, you guys mention some before & after shots of Mike, but I didn’t see them in the video. Can you please post the before/after treatment shots?

  2. Dan

    Great episode, interested in knowing the app he was using to show the different muscle layers on the body. Always been a great show but really enjoying the series lately so much great info!

  3. Adam

    These guys should write/put together a detailed book with theory and practical application (and pictures) so I can use it and not have to go to Cali. It should have all the shit I need to know for all my problems. Thanks.


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