Why You Need to Recover as Hard as You Train w/Jill Miller – Episode 251


If you’ve been doing a few minutes on a rower and half-ass rolling on a piece of foam for your recovery, you may have already figured out it’s not enough.

Our guest this week, Jill Miller, founder of Tune Up Fitness and author of The Roll Model, said it perfectly, “Healing happens in our restorative state”.

Your body is an adaptive machine.

If you want to get stronger and faster, you need to put the same amount of attention on how your recover if you truly want to be able to access the most out of your body and training.

We spoke with Jill about how we can better prepare our bodies to push hard and stay healthy while training by recovering better.

Although Jill’s background is in the yoga world, the information she shares goes far beyond warrior poses and OMing. She has an amazing amount of knowledge of the human body and has developed tools and practices on self care, particularly with fascial work and mobility.

In this episode, Jill shares her strategies and translates some the science behind down regulation, recovery, and how we can optimize and train our bodies to recover faster and more efficiently. Her information is as unique as it is important for hard-charging athletes.

You’d do well to tune in and listen.


Mike Bledsoe

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3 Responses to “Why You Need to Recover as Hard as You Train w/Jill Miller – Episode 251”

  1. Jipi

    Hi. Great episode. I’ve got SUPER tight hamstrings (all my posterior chain is quite tight actually). It just seems to me that I can’t reach my hamstrings deep enough with whatever ball or foam roller I try. Any advice? Thanks.


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