Breaking Through Diet Dogma with Stephanie Gaudreau – Episode 249


This week on Barbell Shrugged we interview Stephanie Gaudreau and talk about how to break through diet dogma. Stephanie is the founder of Stupid Easy Paleo, and has been helping hundreds of thousands of people change their relationship and habits with food. Unlike most food bloggers, Stephanie is not trying to convert you to her version of eating. On the contrary, she is actually quite fed up with the dogmatic rules that many of the people in the Paleo community project on others.

When we hear the word “Paleo” we automatically think of a set of rules around the foods we can and cannot eat. Although there is value around starting with a template, the truth of matter is, we are all different. We each have unique biochemistry, different preferences, and personalized goals. With that said “eating like a caveman” does not explain much about how to eat, and it often leaves people confused, and influences others to create false assumptions around what it means to adopt Paleo principles.

We brought Stephanie on the show to break through the noise, and talk about how to develop your own unique version of eating that will help you thrive and reach your lifestyle and performance goals.



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8 Responses to “Breaking Through Diet Dogma with Stephanie Gaudreau – Episode 249”

  1. Scott Corbett

    Great episode as normal. For myself, about the only thing I try to limit is alcohol and refined sugar. That works. It doesn’t work for my brother-in-law. As you all said, eat what works.

    In regards to the Technique WOD, wow! That was awesome. Even for a relative newbie, taking that time to work at something until I’m satisfied with the result is a great takeaway. Definitely something I’m going to work on.

  2. Andrew Rogalski

    Great podcast. A lot of valuable information. Stephanie is awesome. For those who are scared to cook or don’t have cooking skills, I like using “hello fresh” the dishes are tasty and real easy to prepare. I’ve never had a bad meal and you don’t have to spend a lot of time shopping.

  3. Lydon

    Could somebody confirm that the book Doug & Stephanie name checked was “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k” I was listening to the podcast in the car at the time so didn’t have the chance to write it down.

    Massive fan of the show, keep up the good work!

  4. Brendan Williams


    Stephanie mentioned her husband having a histamine intolerance. I’ve been training for the last 1.5 years after taking a hiatus of four years off due to one excuse or another and have been eating clean and back in November started having intense eczema flare ups. I have wondered if it was some how related to my diet (even though its mostly clean) or the weight lifting? My question is for Stephanie if there was a way her husband was able to find what his triggers are?


  5. James

    Great episode. Recently discovered you guys and the show has been a great distraction through cardio.

    I love the idea Stephanie puts forward of just do what works for you. Don’t get hung up on the complex ideas and concepts of diets.

    As a father of five, I usually have zero time so meal prep and doing what works for us has seen the most success


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