The Mechanisms of Hypertrophy – Episode 243


How do you get big? That is the million dollar question. Everyone in the fitness industry seems to have a different answer for you, and they all claim to have the secret sauce.

Take this supplement. Use this rep scheme. Drink this before you go to sleep. It goes on and on.

We wanted to see what science has to say about this, and invited Andy Galpin on to this week’s show along with Kenny Kane to talk about the science of getting big. We go deep into understanding what our bodies need to put on muscle, and how we can shift our training focus on this adaption goal.

In the show, Andy outlines the three mechanisms of hypertrophy. Can you guess what they are?




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3 Responses to “The Mechanisms of Hypertrophy – Episode 243”

  1. Andrew Brown

    One of my favorite episodes yet. Andy is a baller (and yes so is the rest of the gang). brain gainz ftw

  2. Nicole

    You guys are so my people! Thank you so much for putting these together! So informative and fun to watch! I am 6 weeks out from stepping on stage for my first bikini competition and these videos/podcasts keep my mind off the clock during my grueling daily cardio sessions. Life. Savers. Plus I’m learning more about what I’m passionate about so I can work smarter and get better results. #bootygains <3


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