The Importance of Sleep for Performance w/ Kirk Parsley – Episode 241

Episode 241 | Barbell Shrugged

It’s officially 2017 and many of you are setting goals for the upcoming journey around the sun. Whether your goals are fitness oriented or have to do with your relationships, we encourage you to take action on them. We also think that you will get some useful take aways from this week’s episode with Doctor Kirk Parsley when it comes to your 2017 intentions.

This week we had Doc Parsley come by to talk to us about the importance of sleep. You might be asking yourself, what sleep has to do with your new year’s resolution? Well it turns out sleep has everything to do with most developments in our life. Everything from physical adaption, to skill acquisition, to emotional development (i.e. relationships) happen during your sleep cycle. Shitty sleep equals shitty performance gains, mood, sex life, and anything else you want to get good at.

Doc Parsley works with some of the top performers in the world ranging from Navy Seals, CEO’s, and Professional athletes, however you don’t need to be in the NFL or lead a company to get some gains from this episode.

If you want to learn more about Doc P’s work, head over to his site,

You can also check out his Sleep Remedy product here. (Save 10% off your order with the code barbellshrugged)





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6 Responses to “The Importance of Sleep for Performance w/ Kirk Parsley – Episode 241”

  1. Gwen

    I would love to know which amber glasses (blue light blocking glasses) he recommends. He mentioned some in the podcast. Could you link to where to get those?

  2. natali kummer

    You guys kill it. I left a comment on Youtube after watching this past episode and it is just plain great information. Thank you for the continued efforts to provide great material to the information-seeking athlete and coach. I have followed your podcast and have used a ton of your videos for technique in the gym for over 2 years now. Very grateful, again thanks guys!

  3. Jonathon Hagger

    Fantastic interview and brilliant sharing of in depth knowledge. I really enjoyed this podcast a lot!


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