The Basic Principles of Program Design – Episode 234

Episode 234 | Barbell Shrugged

Mike McElroy returns to the show and we talk programming.

Mike has been programming for Regionals-level athletes for years and is the wizard behind our very successful strength and conditioning program, the Shrugged Strength Challenge.

Shrugged Strength Challenge | Barbell Shrugged

Learn more about the Shrugged Strength Challenge Program

If you’ve ever wondered where to even begin when thinking about designing a program this episode is a great starting point.  Admittedly most of the discussion is around programming for CrossFit, but some of the principles we discuss will still apply to those seeking other types of strength training program design.

We get asked all the time to do an introduction to programming concepts, so here you have it!  But by no means is this an end all be all discussion on programming, this is just meant to get the party started!

If you dig this and want to know more let us know and we can delve deeper in future episodes.

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5 Responses to “The Basic Principles of Program Design – Episode 234”

    • Emma

      Loved the programming podcast. Just trying to find the link to sign up for the newsletter Mike mentioned at the end. Could you please send me a link? Thanks

  1. Alan

    What energy system charts do you use, and how do you use them to program your reps and weight?


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