Anabolic Fasting & The Muscle Trifecta w/ Cory Gregory – Episode 228

Episode 228 | Barbell Shrugged

What’s up everybody, I’m your host McG, here with Alex Maclin & C.T.P.
We’ve got a brand new show, coming your way.
Lot’s of juicy nuggets here to brighten your day.
This week is Cory G, Short for Gregory.
You might have also heard him on show 170.
We talk about Anabolic Fasting, & the Muscle Trifecta…
Lots of hummingbirds like to drink the juicy necta…

Ok sorry, I’m done now.

For real though…

Whether you body-build, power-lift, or CrossFit, Cory G has a very special talent of motivating the $@#% out of people to get in the gym and train hard. In this show we talk about some of his self experiments and things he’s learned as a trainer and fitness model over the last 20 years. Specifically his anabolic fasting protocol, and how he trained to compete in an olympic meet, a bodybuilding show, and a power lifting meet, ALL in the same weekend.

And he will back up his talk. A once upon a time coal miner, turned fitness entrepreneur, he could easily pop the snooze button and go about his day in comfort, yet he chooses to get up and train at 4:30am to start the grind.

Why? Because it’s important to him and his family to lead by example and put the work in.

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration or new life in your training goals, check out this episode! It won’t disappoint.



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5 Responses to “Anabolic Fasting & The Muscle Trifecta w/ Cory Gregory – Episode 228”

  1. Lance

    Loved this episode! I have listened to all the episodes that Cory G has been on. He inspired me to start the squat everyday awhile back, especially while I was recovering from a shoulder injury. Made huge gains on all my squats, and once I was able to start training upper body again, I was surprised at how little makeup I had to do to get back to my normal loads. I’m not doing the barbell shredded program which is great, but I wonder how working in anabolic fasting with it would work? Keep up the great work you guys!

    • Mike McGoldrick

      Thanks, Lance! Glad you enjoyed the show.

      I think it could be a good fasting protocol so long as you keep track of your performance in the gym as well. Some of the timing might take a little bit to get used to doing some of the tough workouts in Shredded, but if you’re more focused on aesthetics, then that shouldn’t really matter. Just as Corey says in the show, you gotta try it and experiment. Just make sure you track things so you can adjust and learn from what is or isn’t working!



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