Here Comes Success! 4 Lessons for Doing Awesome Sh*t


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It’s Saturday night! That means it’s time for you and the Barbell Buddha to hang out for a little while. Grab the tequila and get ready to chat.

There are 4 key lessons that will allow you to do awesome things in this life, no matter what you’re path ends up being.

1. You have to get really good at giving before you’ll get a lot of value in return.

2. You have to be able to get peoples attention.

3. Stretch your boundries and challenge yourself.

4. Keep it up. The real rewards in life go to those that persist.

Here’s to success.


2 Responses to “Here Comes Success! 4 Lessons for Doing Awesome Sh*t”

  1. Mark Lisica

    Do you have a list of the songs you use on this podcast because i love each and everyone of them

    • Chris

      Hi Mark. No, no list. I just pick the song that sticks out in my head each week. We need more music and reading lists, etc, it just takes time. Too much other stuff to do too… Best,


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