Strength Development w/ Julien Pineau of StrongFit/CrossFit Invictus – Barbell Buddha #100

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“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

This grand quote from the German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche captures the human journey truthfully, maybe especially so for strength coaches.

Real wisdom and strength don’t come fast and easy. Knowledge of your true self, what you’re truly capable of and how you will help others grow? That’s not something you stumble upon. Not in this life.

The truth is always earned, drug out and felt first hand. That’s how it works. And it’s waiting for you now in the form of a heavy sled, at the end of a long, hard rope pull.

Accept this invitation and see for yourself.

That’s a decent summary of Julien Pineau’s philosophy, his strength gospel. Fans of Barbell Shrugged already know, of course. The StrongFit shows – Episodes [#190] and [#191] – are some of the best we’ve ever done, without question. But that was still only a start. Julien’s endlessly engaging and passionate, perfect in front of a microphone.

Our latest chat is just more proof. This time around on the Barbell Buddha Podcast, we dig deeper into Julien’s background, the trials and experiences that have shaped his journey. We also talk about what matters most when developing strength, how to slash old training beliefs, and sure, even what to expect in the CrossFit® Games season ahead.

I hope you dig the interview, I certainly did. Julien, see you for heavy sled’s next week!



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