Best of Barbell Shrugged

10. Find out why Crossfit competitor Andrea Ager smiles so much

9. Dmitry Klokov Training Advice

8. Interview with Kendrick Farris, 2-Time Olympian for USA Weightlifting

7. What everyone needs to know about Crossfit

6. Becoming a supple leopard with Kelly Starrett from Mobility WOD

5. Talking size, strength and steroids with Mark Bell of Super Training Gym

4. Christmas Abbott talks tattoos, Nascar, and strength training for women

3. Powerlifting legend Louie Simmons shares tips for success in Crossfit and Weightlifting

2. Training for Crossfit, being a professional athlete, and steroid talk with Dan Bailey

1. Hanging with Crossfit Games Champion and fittest man alive, Rich Froning