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A few weeks ago the Barbell Shrugged team had the pleasure of training  with Anders Lindsjo, Head Strength Coach for Eleiko Sport in Halmstad, Sweden.

Anders is kind, highly knowledgeable, and very well qualified. He was also a Swedish World and Olympic team member for about 10 years, so he’s spent plenty of time underneath the barbell.

Usually on TechniqueWOD we break down movements into their essential components and demonstrate how they should be done. But this week we thought we’d offer you a different kind of experience, something you don’t get to see that often.

This week Anders leads our friend Christmas Abbott through some intense technique work for the snatch. If you’re an aspiring coach pay very close attention and get your notepad ready. There are about a million knowledge bombs here that you’re going to want to write down.

If you want to become an expert coach, start by observing an expert coach.



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16 Responses to “Anders Lindsjo Coaching the Snatch w/ Christmas Abbott – TechniqueWOD”

  1. KerrS

    I enjoyed this video very much. Exceptionally thoughtful coaching style that many could learn from.

    • Chris

      Yeah, Anders is the real deal. We need to showcase more of that sort of thing. World class coaching.

  2. SpencerS

    That was incredibly insightful! So many times I find myself wanting to “get through” the lift so I can check it off the list, but this approach of slowing way down and working on the small details of the lift is great! I will Definitely be using this technique

  3. Robert Permenter

    That was an awesome and inspiring Tech-WOD. I’m going to start working on some of this.

  4. Emin

    I have to say he’s extremely good, he’s my “trainer”/ educator/ mentor and every time I talk with him, even after 3 years, I get fascinated how smart he is.

  5. Chris

    Wow! That was intense. It even made me forget how hot Christmas Abbott is. Really shows the mental aspect of the lift and how much it takes to do it correctly.

  6. Doug

    Excellent video, extremely educational and inspiring. Thanks for sharing

  7. Jesse Phillips

    Awesome coaching session to watch, thanks for getting that for us! Now I am dying to know: what is the rest of the progression!? What happens if you hit 4 identical snatches making more significant contact?

  8. Stephen Boston

    This was perhaps the most interesting video on technique that I have ever seen. I appreciate very much what you guys are doing even though I am not the biggest fan of crossfit I am a huge fan of the exposure and perspective that you bring in your shows; not that it matters: I have my CSCS and I am an Olympic lifting certified coach and a BJJ student, as well as 46 years old, Keep it 100.

  9. Clarissa Dutra

    Great video and training format. Hope to see more of this!


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