About Us


Barbell Shrugged is all about helping athletes, coaches, and gym owners expand their knowledge and dominate their fitness.

Collectively the Barbell Shrugged crew has been training for many years, have degrees (and masters) in Kinesiology and Exercise Sports Science, own multiple CrossFit boxes, have competed in CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Powerlifting, and have hosted live seminars and training camps around the country.

On the Barbell Shrugged website you are going to find all kinds of nuggets and pearls just for crossfitters like you!

We put out tons of videos every week!  Here’s what to expect:

The Barbell Shrugged podcast 
Every Wednesday we post a new show!  Featuring commentary, tips, unique uncut and uncensored interviews with coaches, athletes, owners and more!

Available in video and audio formats!  So it’s completely portable, take them wherever you want to go… the gym, your car, a boring office meeting you don’t want to be at, etc!

Technique WOD
Not sure how to do a movement properly?  Or just want some pointers?  Our TechniqueWOD library has over 100 technique and coaching videos to help you do just that!

Feel free to contact us at: help@barbellshrugged.com